If you take the Bolzano Nord/Bozen Nord motorway exit and follow the navigation system's commands in the direction of Collepietra, you might keep on thinking: oops…I am wrong! But don't worry: even the twistiest of roads get you there, and in this case they get you to the sunny village of Collepietra, which is beautifully located on a high-alpine plateau in Val d'Ega.

From the very first moment you will see that there have to be lots of opportunities for cycling. Dense forests, broad landscapes, the giant Dolomites in the background, and everywhere these typical South Tyrolean sign-posts. However, usually you are unable to find the perfect tour by yourself. Take advantage of the BikeHotel in Collepietra, where you will be informed about MTB or road bike tours (Collepietra) is located directly at the Dolomite road), and where you can also participate in guided tours!