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Carezza Trail

Where the new gondola lift starts in the center of Nova Levante and takes passengers to the foot of the UNESCO Nature Heritage Site of the Rose Garden, an attractive flow trail is being established. The trail begins amidst the idyllic scenery under the Frommer Alm and leads through the small, beautiful Niger Valley and to the valley station of the gondola aerial lift. Along a stretch of about 4.4 km, the flow trail repeatedly runs parallel to a brook, winds its way through forests, and crosses meadows. Bike Park In the training park Carezza at the mountain station of the cable car Welschnofen – Nova Levante, you will find a lot of elements for boosting your bike skills with a Pumptrack and a jumpline. Different stations such as spikes, rock guards, drops, bends without and with riders, steps, balancing northshores and obstacles facilitate the learning of the bunnyhops. Summary of the Carezza Trail Length: approx. 4.4 km Height variation: 500 metres Average gradient 11%, ideal for a flowtrail Up to 70-m long northshores Over 45 steep & banked curves Up to 20 jumps in the form of tables, jumps or drops Training park 4 drops of varying height (easy) Pump track Rock garden Balance northshores Switchbacks Jumpline Steep banked curves Training in curve techniques General Open May to October Grade: easy to medium
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