True singletrack riding in the Dolomites is the Number One reason to travel to South Tyrol!

The Dolomites, with its heavenly stark white limestone spires reaching skyward is one of the most recognizable mountain ranges in the world. Only one region in the world has legal singletrack winding in and out of these compellingly fascinating natural wonders. Not to be discounted are the 4000m peaks of the Ortler range to the west and the Zillertal range to the north; big mountains with trails scattered throughout; all reachable by mountain-bike.

Of course there are many other reasons to visit. The weather is incredible with the vaunted 200+ sunny days a year making for a long riding season (South Tyrol's high trails open earlier for riding than anywhere else in the Alps region of Europe).

Accessibility is also key. South Tyrol's public transit system is characteristically bike-friendly. Many bike hotels offer shuttle and bike transport services. South Tyrol's gondolas and chairlifts close in late October (many other locales will have their lifts closed for a month by then!).

Costs are reasonable. The bike hotel packages are denominated in the North-American friendly Euro currency. Bike hotels have designed packages which are substantially less expensive than one can achieve by mixing and matching food, lodging, transportation and (optional) guiding options.

Bike holidays in South Tyrol with 300 sunny days! from Bikehotels Südtirol on Vimeo.

Food is beyond description. South Tyrol is now part of Italy but used to be part of Austria. Consequently Austrian/Tyrolean culture is fused with Italian culture. The larger towns are also a melting pot of ethnicities as many peoples from the rest of Europe have found South Tyrolean friendliness, enterprise and ingenuity a draw for employment in the tourism industry. Therefore expect to be delighted by European fusion food and have your palate (and not just your bike) experience adventure.

You will not regret visiting and mountain biking South Tyrol! See here for more about riding in various regions in South Tyrol