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Ötzi Trail

On the move along historic paths

The Ötzi Trail can be reached via the Bike Highline Meran(o) and begins at the Mauslochalm. With innumerable bends, over roots and stumps, through undulating passages and tricky places this trail winds downhill through the steep forest. The trail offers first-class biking fun and ends at the edge of the forest a short distance above Naturno. If only Ötzi had known how his name would be used nowadays for such thrilling descents! He would have wanted the (bicycle) wheel to have been invented sooner. Had Ötzi been riding a mountain bike when he went on his fatal outing, he might possibly have escaped from his murderer. In that case, however, he would not have become so famous five millennia later and would not have given his name to such a sensational single trail descent.   Departure point; Mauslochalm
Hoogtemeter bergaf 1000 hm
Lengte 5,2 km
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