The South Tyrol Cycle Trail is an exciting valley cycling route that links up the towns in South Tyrol. It is a great way for cyclists interested in culture and nature to experience the sights in the South Tyrolean towns on two wheels.

Since 2016, the group of hotels on the South Tyrol Cycle Trail have been part of the BikeHotels Südtirol. These are bike-friendly hotels that meet the following basic criteria:
  • Location along the route (max. 2km distance) or direct link to the main route, can be easily reached via the cycle trail (max. 5 km distance to route, max. 150 m of difference in altitude)
  • Covered and lockable bicycle storage facilities
  • Pumps, lubricating oil and tools for minor repairs
  • Info corner with info folder with tour suggestions, tour information and information on public transport, resting places, places of interest and with bike magazines
  • The plaque of the bike-friendly business is prominently displayed at the hotel entrance
  • Laundry services
  • Willingness to take guests for just 1 night
  • The host has taken a one-day basic course on the subject of cycling and mountain bike tourism
How do these hotels differ from the full members?
In contrast to our full members, the "Hotels on the South Tyrol Cycle Trail” are not obliged to meet our other criteria. Why is that? Because they only appeal to touring cyclists needing less advice and cycling technique expertise owing to the given infrastructure, signposts, etc. and who do not stay longer than one, maximum two, nights owing to the concept of the South Tyrol Cycle Trail. In addition, the hosts of the Hotels on the South Tyrol Cycle Trail are not bike guides (see below).

And what criteria do the full members meet?
  • Our full members have a whole range of quality criteria they must meet, which are regularly controlled. This includes:
  • A fixed range of guided tours, also offering different performance levels
  • Keeping a well-equipped bike garage
  • Offering expert tour advice
  • Organising information evenings and briefings via weekly programmes
  • Offering the opportunity to hire bikes, maintaining GPS tours, washing laundry/washing facilities, shuttle services, etc.
In addition, the hosts of the BikeHotels Südtirol are trained bike guides (nine-day training with several multi-day internships). The Hotels on the Cycle Trail, however, only take a one-day basic bike course on the fundamentals of the bicycle, bicycle culture and tourism.

You can read the quality guarantee of the BikeHotels of South Tyrol here: Quality guarantee
Of course, if the full members of the BikeHotels Südtirol have the right location, they can be one of the Hotels on the South Tyrol Cycle Trail.

How do I know if it is a BikeHotel Südtirol or a bike-friendly hotel on the South Tyrol Cycle Trail?
Hotels on the South Tyrol Cycle Trail can only be found on the BikeHotels Südtirol website in the subject areas of bike touring and ebike. They are marked as “only bike friendly".

What hotels and BikeHotels Südtirol can be found on the South Tyrol Cycle Trail?
You can find all the establishments below. They are marked as such in the input area: