The best hotels in South Tyrol...

... for your holiday on two wheels!

Which hotel in South Tyrol is the right one to book for an unforgettable, stress-free bike holiday? There’s only one answer to this question: the BikeHotels! The 31 hotels in South Tyrol are the first and only choice for an extraordinary bike holiday!

‘Yeah, sure, anyone can say that,’ is what you may be thinking, but we’re serious! Only hotels that meet our high standards and pass regular checks can call themselves BikeHotels with a capital ‘H’.

Hosts who love biking? Check! Guided tours? Of course! Secure bike storage areas? Absolutely! Expert tour advice and excellent knowledge of the area? That’s a given! Great offers? Always!

Get to know the BikeHotels and take a look behind the scenes at the coolest and most bike-friendly hotels in South Tyrol!
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