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Tours & areas

South Tyrol for every type of bike

Tour tips are what you need when you want to ride your mountain bike through South Tyrol, speed down winding panoramic roads with your road bike, or plan to pedal leisurely along the bike path in every possible direction.

Our BikeHotels know the best tips, including the shady forest paths, narrow single trails, pass roads, and valley routes. But, more importantly, we know the quaintest mountain huts, the best ice cream parlours, the most hidden paths, and the most beautiful views – not to mention the most exciting peaks reachable by bike.

For your flow – tour tips, BikeHotel-style

There’s no such thing as one best tour, as routes that are too difficult for some cyclists will be the most fun others have ever had. That’s why, alongside excellent knowledge of the area, we focus on listening to our guests at the BikeHotels. It’s the only way to ensure you get the right tour tips and recommendations for getting into the flow with a smile.
The best bike areas and BikeHotels for mountain biking in South Tyrol.
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