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Are you a manager looking to make your team even better? Health, motivation, and employee cohesion are the most important factors for any company’s success. With Team Days, BikeHotels Südtirol has put together a package aimed at health, motivation, and cohesion:

  • Health: Our trained, tested bike guides train your employees how to safely ride an e-bike in technique workshops. In this way, we promote the desire to engage in healthy movement, whether in leisure time or, for example, on the way to work.
  • Motivation: Employee motivation is what keeps any company moving forward. Cycling (whether with traditional bikes or e-bikes) allows us to discover our inner power and potential for growth, as well as why this experience is important for our self-confidence and well-being. When cycling, we learn and improve quickly and experience success. Our doubts and even fears disappear, and our self-confidence and willingness to try new things grow.
  • Cohesion: E-bikes level the playing field and allow the team to share experiences where no one is better or worse than the other. Being together in beautiful surroundings, exercising, learning, and enjoying South Tyrol’s local cuisine encourages team spirit and brings colleagues together. The point is to discover new possibilities, strengths, and sides to one another and create lasting memories.
In a nutshell: Team Days at BikeHotels Südtirol are about reliable organisation, tailored programmes, maximum flexibility, e-bikes and equipment to rent, and unique culinary experiences.