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MTB Südtirol

Our promise

Quality goes by many names…

… in particular, those of our BikeHoteliers. The members of our group know what’s what, recognise trends well in advance, and don’t allow themselves to be outdone when it comes to bike holidays. They all meet our quality requirements in their own way and offer you five great reasons why you should book a bike holiday at their hotel:

The hosts at the BikeHotels Südtirol are passionate cyclists themselves. They have completed the bike guide training and will take you on tours.
  • Upon arrival, you’ll immediately notice that you’re on holiday with like-minded people: the newest bike magazines and info are in plain sight, and you’ll find out all you need to know about bike storage, biking meetups, and tours without even having to ask.
  • Whether you prefer guided tours or doing your own thing, the BikeHotel hosts will design your bike holiday for you and always have plenty of great tips on where to stop for a break!
  • The BikeHotels Südtirol all have top-quality bike storage areas, often with alarms and video surveillance. You’ll also find all the tools you need for carrying out minor repairs yourself. The hotels also collaborate with nearby repair shops and bike shops.
  • Last but not least, at the BikeHotels Südtirol, you can look forward to enjoying delicious dishes made with regional ingredients. After all, good food provides the perfect foundation for an unforgettable bike holiday!

Our quality promise
  • BikeHotels are our passion!
  • The host or a member of the host family has completed bike guide training.
  • The host lives by the BikeHotel creed and ensures that their staff are aware of what it entails.
  • The host has excellent knowledge of the area and knows their weekly tours and all of their tour suggestions.
  • The host or staff are qualified to answer all bike-related questions.
    The BikeHotel only employs certified bike guides and makes further training mandatory.

  • The member offers the bike guest a secure, clean bike storage area with sufficient space for all parked bikes.
  • There’s a repair corner in the bike garage.
  • The member has a suitable bike washing space with cleaning products, brushes, and sponges.
  • There’s a bike rack in front of the hotel.
  • The member provides equipment to dry cycling clothes.
  • The member rents their own bikes or ensures guests can rent the newest available bikes and e-bikes from another professional. The host guarantees that the bikes are in perfect condition.
  • If the bikes come from elsewhere, they must be available the next day at the latest.
  • The guest has access to a laundry service for their cycling clothes.
  • The member offers provisions for tours (energy bars and drinks).

Software and tour tips
  • The hosts provide expert tour advice, either individually or in the form of info evenings and/or personalised tips using maps and common GPS devices/apps.
  • A tour map with tour suggestions is available in the hotel according to its specialisation. These tours are also available as gpx files.
  • There is a bike info reading area in the hotel (library, lounge, lobby). A cycling map with the weekly tours, information on renting bikes, bike shops, guides, bike schools, BikeHotels, the code of conduct, tour maps, and magazines are available.
  • The member offers at least five weekly tours with different difficulty levels (MTB) according to their specialisation. This may include technique training. Guided tours take place at least five days during the week. 
  • The hotel has  GPS devices available for rent.
Bike collaborations
  • The BikeHotel collaborates with one or several bike shops. Information about this is available in the bike info folder.
  • The BikeHotel collaborates with a bike school that offers courses every week. Information about this is available in the bike info folder.
  • If the BikeHotel does not collaborate with a bike shop or bike school, they offer these services themselves. If any repairs are required, the BikeHotel provides or finds the necessary service and ensures this causes no trouble for their guests. Information about this is available in the bike info folder.

Quality checks
The BikeHotels Südtirol undergo regular quality checks in which hardware and software are thoroughly reviewed.
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