Bike vacation does not just any bike vacation. Cyclists will know this as soon as they ask for tour proposals in a self-proclaimed "bike-friendly" hotel or when the bike garage looks like a junk closet. This cannot happen in the BikeHotels Südtirol!

5 good reasons for booking in a BikeHotel Südtirol member hotel:
  • The hosts of the BikeHotels Südtirol are all ambitious cyclists themselves. Many of them have a bike guide education and accompany you on the tours.
  • Upon arrival you will soon notice that here you're staying in a hotel that shares your passion: the newest bike magazines and bike information are visible and without asking you will get to know everything about where you can store your bike, about the biker regulars' table, and about bike tours.
  • Whether you prefer to cycle on your own or prefer guided tours: in the BikeHotels the hosts will organise the bike holidays based on your wishes and are always pleased to give tips on where to enjoy the best food!
  • The bike garage of the BikeHotels Südtirol are perfectly equipped, some even with alarm and video-surveillance. You can also find tools to undertake small repair works. Furthermore, the hotels cooperate with mechanics and shops in close proximity.
  • Last but not least, in the BikeHotels Südtirol you can look forward to excellent cuisine with mainly regional products, which after all provides the basis for a wonderful bike vacation in South Tyrol.
Our quality promise

BikeHotels – a matter dear to our hearts!

  • The host or a member of the host family has completed the bike guide training programme.
  • The host enacts the BikeHotel’s guiding principles and ensures that the employees know the guiding principles.
  • The host has excellent local knowledge and knows the tours in the weekly programme or their own tour proposals.
  • The host or a competent person is available as a point of contact in the BikeHotel for any and all biking questions.
  • The BikeHotel only employs certified bike guides and ensures that the bike guides attend obligatory training courses.


  • The member offers the bike guest a lockable, clean bike garage with enough space to store all bikes.
  • The bike garage includes a workshop area.
  • The member has a reasonable bike washing area with cleaning materials, brushes and sponges.
  • There is a bike rack in front of the building.
  • The member has apparatus available for drying cycling gear.
  • The member has own bike rental or provides bike hire via a professional bike rental service that has bikes of the latest generation. The host guarantees that the bikes are in perfect condition.
  • Any bikes hired via an external provider must be available on the follow day at the latest.
  • The guest can use a laundry service for cycling gear.
  • The member offers tour refreshments in the form of bars/energy drinks.

Software and tour advice
  • The host provides expert tour advice on the premises building in the form of information evenings and / or individual advice using maps and common GPS devices/apps.
  • There is a tour map with at least 15 tour proposals per specialisation with tour names on the premises. These tours are also available as gpx files.
    There is a bike info corner on the premises (library, lounge, entrance area). The following is clearly visible: bike information kit with weekly programme, info on rental, bike shops, guides, bike school, BikeHotels, rules of conduct, tour kits, magazines
  • Rules of conduct, tour kits, magazines
  • The member offers a weekly programme with at least 5 guided tours per specialisation in different performance classes (MTB), whereby one can be bike technique training. The guided tours are offered throughout the week on at least 5 days.
  • There are sufficient GPS devices available for possible hire on the premises.

Bike partnerships

  • The BikeHotel partners with one or several bike shops. Information on this is provided in the bike information kit.
  • The BikeHotel partners with a bike school that offers a weekly programme. Information on this is provided in the bike information kit.
  • The BikeHotel does not partner with any bike shop or bike school, instead it ensures all services are available on the hotel premises. In the event of repairs, the BikeHotel ensures an appropriate service is available and that the guest is not inconvenienced. Information on this is provided in the bike information kit.

Quality checks
The BikeHotels Südtirol are regularly subjected to quality checks, whereby the hardware and software are thoroughly put through their paces.