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Kaltern Bike racing bike tour: Over the Ritten

Road bike

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As early as the 17th century, the "smart set" of that era who resided in Bozen / Bolzano would flee the big city during the hot summer months and escape to the cooler climes of Ritten / Renon. They would "summer" there. Today, the road leading from Bozen to this cradle of fashionable summering is a popular route for bicycle racers, and boasts a terrific panoramic view of the Dolomites. Ritten, together with Oberbozen / Soprabolzano, are now both attractive recreational areas for the residents of the provincial capital. It's a great opportunity for them to take the aerial tram and float 1,000 meters up to escape the oppressive summer heat on the valley floor. But ambitious athletes won't take the lift. Instead, they'll take the road beginning at the northeastern edge of the city – there where the Eisack / Isarco River leaves Brixen / Bressanone and exits the narrow valley on its way to the Etsch River. At the beginning of this ascent, the bike path first proceeds from the Kellereistrasse in Kaltern / Caldaro down towards Bozen before running parallel to the banks of the Etsch River. Soon, it continues along the shores of the Eisack River northwards until you have practically left the city. Now you'll have to deal briefly with the motor vehicle traffic in the vicinity of the main train station, but soon you'll get onto the road winding its way up (with hairpin curves) to Klobenstein / Collalbo. At an elevation of 1,200 meters above sea-level, you'll have overcome 1,000 meters of altitude differential. You can now take the time for a little rest-stop – maybe for a meal, or for a short trip to the nearby "Earth Pyramids." In Klobenstein, a somewhat narrower road begins that proceeds over the alpine meadows – with a constant "up" and "down" and another 300 meters of altitude differential. And all the while, you can admire the fantastic panoramic view. You will now descend into the Sarn / Sarentino Valley and to a road rising from Bozen as you continue northward. You will breeze along through several tunnels towards Bozen. The lower section was expanded only a few years ago; you will now proceed over it through wide and well-illuminated tunnels where you can merge into the motor vehicle traffic. Nevertheless, we recommend that you keep your warning light flashing as you navigate the saddle. Once you've reached Bozen, the bike path will continue along the Talfer Brook (which comes from the Sarn Valley). The path soon merges again with the Eisack Valley Bicycle Trail. The route will now take you back on the same way, uphill to Kaltern – with another approx. 300 meters of altitude differential. If you have time to spare, you might consider stopping for a pleasant stay amidst the charming arcades of the provincial capital. But don't dawdle too long in Bozen! You should still plan to enjoy a glass of delicious wine once you get to the market square in Kaltern.

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