Cable cars with bike transport
In Merano & environs and in Val Venosta you can shorten the ascent thanks to the many cable cars with bike transport. But be careful: if you are looking for pure downhill routes you will be disappointed, since the most beautiful downhill tours in Merano and surroundings have to be combined with uphill cycling.
  • Rio Lagundo/Aschbach cable car: open all year. Fee: 7 Euro per person + 4 Euro per bike
  • Merano2000 cable car: open from the beginning of May to the beginning of November. Fee: from 12 Euro per person + 4.50 Euro per bike
  • San Martino al Monte/St. Martin am Kofel cable car (Laces): open all year; bike transport from 7 am to 8.30 am and from 3 pm to 6 pm only. Fee: from 8.50 Euro per person + 5 Euro per bike
  • Malga di Tarres/Tarscheralm cable car: open from summer 2014
  • Postal/Burgstall-Verano/Vöran cable car: open all year; operates on a half-hour basis
There are several shuttle providers in Naturno, Parcines and Scena. The fees amount to approx. 8 Euro per person and 4 Euro per bike.

Public transport
The Val Venosta railway operates between Merano and Malles. For those cycling on cycling paths we recommend purchasing the Bikemobil Card. With this card you can use all public means of transport, and rent and return bicycles at certain rental stations along the railway route.

Cycling along the irrigation channel trails on Monte Sole/Sonnenberg in Merano & environs and also in Val Venosta is strictly prohibited. In order to avoid conflicts, please adhere to local regulations and conditions.