10 hotels in the Südtirol Bike Hotels cooperation group are certified "epowered by Bosch". This means that you can expect not just top quality and unforgettable biking experiences in these hotels, you can also expect skill and know-how when you want to spend your biking holiday finding out about the advantages of e-biking or learning or improving the special e-bike riding skills.

The specialist e-bike hotels offer:

  • Know-how in the hotel guaranteed by product information and compulsory participation in training courses with instruction from qualified persons to allow guides to acquire product knowledge and to undertake mandatory advanced trainingin e-bike riding techniques.
  • Information folder on the correct use of the e-bike and for the special e-bike touring schedule with tips on how to ride.
  • Touring map with notes on the tours, which are especially suitable for e-bikers.
  • Weekly programme with at least two guided e-MTB tours per week.
  • Weekly or short-stay packages offering courses in riding techniques for beginners and advanced riders.

  • Test free of charge including 3-4 test e-bikes (when a week's package is booked).
  • Plenty of power sockets in the hotel or in the bike garage.
  • Breakdown service in case of repairable defects, which can be repaired without impairing the warranty.
Our e-MTB holiday package
Uphill flow camp with the epowered Bosch Bike Hotels

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