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Merano/Meran and environs

Mediterranean Meran/Merano

A mountain bike holiday & dolce vita

A little dolce vita, great food, pleasant temperatures from March to November, palm trees – yes, palm trees – in the valley, snow in the mountains: What appear to be stark contrasts actually form a harmonious whole. It’s hard to believe, we know! But that’s why you should come to Meran/Merano on your next mountain bike holiday and experience it for yourself.

The region of Meran/Merano and Environs is incredibly diverse: Down in the valley, blossoming apple meadows; further up, Alpine landscapes and high mountain scenery, where in spring, snow still glistens on the peaks. With mountain bikes and e-bikes, Meran/Merano and Environs can be explored in a simply perfect way and, what’s more, in an environmentally friendly way and away from the bike paths in the valleys of Naturns/Naturno, Plaus, and Rabland/Rablà.
MTB tours in Merano/Meran and Environs
Jam-packed with variety!
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Here’s what you can’t miss on your bike holiday in Meran/Merano:
  • Cycling with a view of the Bike Highline Meran(o)
  • Cooling off at the Partschins/Parcines waterfall
  • Traditional food at the Zetnalm mountain hut
  • Get up close and personal with the world at the Monocle Store in Meran/Merano
  • Mystical atmosphere at the Omini di Pietra/Stoanernen Mandln (stone men)
  • Climb the 1,000 steps on the Meran/Merano high mountain trail


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