Cable cars with bike transport
  • San Martino al Monte/St. Martin am Kofel cable car (Laces): open all year; bike transport from 7 am to 8.30 am and from 3 pm to 6 pm only. Fee: from 10.50 Euro per person + 5 Euro per bike
  • Malga di Tarres/Tarscheralm cable car
  • Upper Val Venosta: Bikeshuttle Val Venosta; +39 320 311 45 52
  • Lower Val Venosta: Bikeshuttle Freeride Val Venosta
Time limitations
There is a time limitation on the renowned Lago d'Oro/Goldsee Trail. Note that you have to be at Furkel Hut before 9 am. It takes about 1 hour to get there.


Some irrigation channel paths on Monte Sole/Sonnenberg in Val Venosta are not accessible for mountain-bikers. This is however no problem given the many alternative trails.