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Passo Gardena

303 Passo Gardena circuit

From the top station of the Dantercepies cablecar the trail starts towards Passo Gardena then Plan de Gralba until back to Selva Val Gardena.


General description
This Val Gardena MTB loop with its two single trails guarantees a total of over 10 km of trail riding pleasure and pure action. After a relaxed gondola ride in the direction of Dantercëpies, a flow trail begins directly below the breathtaking Cir peaks. Thanks to the Trail Arena ticket, this Cir Tiera Trail, as well as the other trails of the Trail Arena Val Gardena, can be repeated as often as you like. The trail continues along a path that is also open to mountain bikers: from the Gardena Pass it descends below the imposing rock faces of the Sella massif to the Miramonti zone, where the two main roads coming from the Sella Pass and Gardena Pass meet. Continue along a gravel path until you reach the entrance to the last stretch of the Family Trail to Plan de Gralba. If you want, you can take the Piz Seteur cable car and ride this flow trail and the other trails in this area a couple of more times, as they are part of the Trail Arena Val Gardena. Or simply return to Selva via a path that runs to the left of the stream.
Route description

Through Selva Val Gardena , you immediately reach the Dantercepies cable car, on whose lift ride you can still enjoy the quiet minutes, as the next sections offer pure action. From the exit at just under 2,300 m, after a few metres on the gravel road, the flowing Cir Giara trail starts: bends, bridges and small jumps send many a biker into ecstasy. 1.8 km and 180 metres of pure flow fun. Once you reach the Gardena Pass, you will be tempted to take the Cir chairlift back up and ride the Cir Tiera again. If you want to continue the tour directly, cross the road and the opposite car park to the main road. Cross the road once more and off you go down an exciting path. But BEWARE: we bikers are no longer alone here, because the path is also used by hikers and has some unclear passages. So please be careful and always remember: mutual respect makes the mountain world more enjoyable for everyone. After the first part of the downhill section, the trail continues along alpine meadows until you reach a crossroads. Be sure to turn left here, as it is too dangerous for bikers to turn right. This beautiful flowing trail leads through a steady uphill and downhill with an impressive view of the nearby rock faces of the Sella massif, finally back onto the main road and from there downhill again past alpine meadows to Chalet Gérard. Here you have to cross the road and after a short stretch of path there is a short but steep descent. After another stretch of path, you reach a large gravel area: keep left here, past the barrier and immediately cross the main road again. In a moment, the trail goes down again over a path of loose scree, which is constantly being filled up by rainwater. After another flowing section, take a sharp right (beware, the signs are a bit small) into the last section of the “Family Trail” that leads to Plan de Gralba. Now the decision is not easy: take the Piz Seteur cable car up to ride the whole Family Trail or the Easy Jump Line? Maybe even take the Piz Seteur lift and the Gran Paradiso chairlift to do the Paravis Trail as well? If you decide on the descent to Selva, follow the asphalted road for about 200 metres and turn left over the bridge immediately after the ski lift, which is not in operation in summer. Immediately on the right, a path starts again through a meadow and further into a forest. As soon as you come out of the forest, you have to descend a little on the ski slope and you will reach Selva Val Gardena  again.
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Description to arrive at destination

Start in Selva at the cabincar Dantercepies


Parking lot at the valley station of the cablecar Dantercepies or in the center of Selva Val Gardena.

Public transport

With the bus to Selva Val Gardena or until the Passo Gardena.

Tour map & altitude profile
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