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A road cycling holiday in Vinschgau

A holiday among giants

Who are these giants? They are the mountain stages of the Giro d'Italia, of course! There are even two of them in Vinschgau/Val Venosta: the one and only Stilfserjoch/Stelvio Pass and the valley head of the Martelltal/Val Martello. On a cycling holiday in Vinschgau/Val Venosta, these two climbs are a must! But only if you are fit enough.

After all, even the most beautiful mountain pass won’t be any fun, let alone memorable, if you’re not quite up to it (yet). That’s why it’s best to talk to your hosts and let them recommend tours that are right for you.

By the way: Have you ever tried riding an e-bike? Being open to new things is guaranteed to pay off!
Road cycling tours
... there are plenty of them in Vinschgau/Val Venosta. Our list includes a handful of great tours, but not all of them.
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