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Via Claudia Augusta

Southern Wine Route, Wine & bike: Gewürztraminer and Pinot Noir

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General description

The southernmost ‘Wine & Bike’ route leads from the wine villages of Cortaccia/Kurtatsch and Magrè/Margreid to Cortina all’Adige/Kurtinig and Salorno/Salurn. Return via Egna/Neumarkt and Ora/Auer, the Lake Kaltern and back to Termeno/Tramin. The stretch from Salorno to Ora can be completed by train.


Route description
Route: The southern wine route begins in the centre of the historic wine village of Kurtatsch/Cortaccia and leads past the "Ur-Rebe", a vine grafted in Margreid/Magrè in 1601. From here, the route continues to Kurtinig/Cortina, popularly known as "Little Venice" because it was flooded so often, and to Salurn/Salorno, the southernmost municipality in the country with the largest closed white wine-growing area. Back via Neumarkt/Egna, one of the most beautiful towns in Italy, where the best Pinot Noir vineyards stretch as far as Montan/Montagna, past the mystical hill of Castelfeder. Continue via Auer/Ora, the home of Lagrein, to the beautiful mountain pass Koyoten. From there via Lake Kaltern, which is known as the warmest bathing lake in the Alps, we reach Tramin/Termeno towards the end of the tour. The Gewürztraminer is named after this village and is produced here to the highest quality.
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