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Ötzi Bike Academy

Region: Meran/Merano and environs

Guided mountain bike and racing bike hikes, technical training

At Naturno/Naturns not only professionals but also bike enthusiasts will be satisfied, because the Ötzi Bike Academy's main proposal is a healthy movement in midst nature and therefore to promote a healthy sport which is becoming more and more popular.

We are not interested in individual challenge, but in biking all together with a "common sense of team". Each biker will find the right offer, depending on his own fitness level – from beginner to extreme rider. Spectacular tours, able to enjoy every biker are our main goal.

Our participants consider our guided and professional tours adventures that are not to be missed and appreciate the competence of the Ötzi Bike Academy.
Opening times:
15.03.2018 - 15.11.2018
Freddi Wallnöfer
Klaus Nischler
30 years, has turned his hobby into a profession and founded the Ötzi Bike Academy.
My specialty are difficult trails uphill and downhill. Most of the technical trainings of the Ötzi Bike Academy are taught by me personally.
My slogan: "The more you refine your technique, the greater the fun!"
Simon Platzgummer
Barbara Tumler
Mauro Tumler
Michi Tumler
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