There are two ways to travel the South Tyrol Cycle Trail. Depending on where you are coming from - from the North through Germany or Austria or from the West (Switzerland, Vorarlberg or western Germany) there are two departure points: Vipiteno or Glorenza. Here we describe Route A for you and the stages from Vipiteno to Glorenza.

Route A

South Tyrol Cycle Trail Stage A1 - Vipiteno - Brunico
There is no need to be alarmed by the key data on the first leg of the South Tyrol Cycle Trail from Vipiteno to Brunico: with 58 km and 510 metres of difference in altitude this starting point is acceptable. To start with, the trail leads along the Valle Isarco Cycle Trail to Fortezza and then along the Val Pusteria Cycle Trail through green valleys into the town of Brunico on the River Rienza, the first leg destination.

  • The Franzensfeste/Fortezza Fortress
  • The Chiusa di Rio Pusteria castle ruin
  • The villages of the Val Pusteria
  • The via Centrale/Stadtgasse in Brunico
  • The Ripa Messner Mountain Museum in Brunico

South Tyrol Cycle Trail Stage A2 - Brunico - Bressanone
The second leg of Route A runs through the Val Pusteria across the Naz-Sciaves high apple-growing plateau to Bressanone. This involves an assault of 340 metres of altitude over 40 km, in which the most challenging part of the climb is the section close to Rio Pusteria. This is a very good reason to take a short break before tackling the final kilometres.

  • The narrow alleys of Rio Pusteria
  • The Naz-Sciaves high apple-growing plateau
  • The Old Town in Bressanone

South Tyrol Cycle Trail Stage A3 - Bressanone - Bolzano
This third leg runs directly north-south. However, just because it takes you from the heights to the valleys, this does not mean that you do not need to take climbs into account. There are still 280 meters in altitude to conquer over 42 km, but none of these climbs are really steep. On this leg the South Tyrol Cycle Trail runs along the Valle Isarco Cycle Trail and leads through Chiusa and Prato all'Isarco. The destination is Bolzano town centre.

  • Bressanone and its arches
  • The picturesque artists' town of Chiusa
  • The cycle ride into Bolzano, the regional capital

South Tyrol Cycle Trail Stage A4 - Bolzano - Merano
This starts in Bolzano, but instead of leading directly towards Merano, the South Tyrol Cycle Trail takes a lovely curve through Caldaro past Caldaro Lake in order to pick up the route to Merano near Sigmundskron Castle. This 70 km leg leads through Nalles, Lana and Cermes into Merano town centre. There is a difference in altitude of 410 m.

  • Caldaro Lake
  • Messner Mountain Museum at Sigmundskron Castle
  • Nalles and the apple orchardsSpa town of Merano

South Tyrol Cycle Trail Stage A5 - Merano - Glorenza
Last but not least, here is the last leg of the South Tyrol Cycle Trail. It starts in Merano and leads through Lagundo, Parcines and Naturno, following Adige River up to the upper Val Venosta and then goes from Prato allo Stelvio on the Passo dello Stelvio to Glorenza. This leg is 60 km long and its 610 metres in difference in altitude are acceptable for the final leg.

  • Forst Brewery in Lagundo
  • Parcines and the waterfall
  • Naturno, Sildrano, Lasa and all the other pretty villages
  • The final arrival point in Glorenza, the smallest town in South Tyrol

The return journey to the departure point of Vipiteno is by train.