Everyone knows Laces. And those who haven't been there yet want to get there. There is only one thing we can say: every single bike holiday in Laces pays off a thousand times! Mountain-bikers are 100% welcome in this village in Val Venosta at the entry to Val Martello, not only on cycling paths, but also on forest paths and trails.

Laces has been focusing on trail-tolerance for many years, and it has always been a success. In the meantime there are not only numerous trails around Monte Sole/Sonnenberg with the Monte Sole Trail, but also on Monte Tramontana/Nörderberg near Malga di Tarres/Tarscheralm. Extra cool: the quality of the trails is simply fantastic! Instead of going down directly, in Laces there are playful and almost seemingly endless trails leading through forests and meadows. Simply wonderful! And if you want to reach high altitudes during your bike vacation in Laces, you can try Passo Madriccio/Madritschjoch, the Tibet Trail or the Lago d'Oro/Goldsee Trail.
Laces has definitely earned the right to be called a bike Eldorado, also thanks to the huge efforts of the local BikeHotels!

By the way: we would also like to mention that road cyclists also find everything they long for in Laces between Val Martello, Resia, Passo dello Stelvio and Gavia.